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Book Your Appointment Online!

Message For All Brides:


Appointments are recommended. 

Our Saturdays and Sundays are extremely busy. For that reason and due to the recent development on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are requesting our brides to limit their party to two guests, to avoid creating a crowded space. 


After you book an appointment, we will call you a couple of days before your appointment to CONFIRM that you will be coming.


If we call you and you do not answer within 48 hours, we will assume that you are not coming to the store and your appointment will automatically be canceled.


To avoid this, please make sure to answer the phone to confirm your appointment when we call you. Thank you!


A quick note: We absolutely love kids, but we highly encourage our brides to not bring their small kids to the bridal shop in order to help you have the best wedding dress shopping experience possible.

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